Another year, another Bake Off...

As viewers once again prepare themselves for 10 weeks of highs and lows following the efforts of Britain's best budding amateur bakers, we here at Academy can breathe a sigh of relief. Another year, another Bake Off, and once again a flawless installation and breakdown of Britain's best-loved tent!

In 2010 when the Academy Marquees were first asked to supply a tent for a roadshow of baking events, no-one - not even the producers of the show themselves - could predict that the Bake Off would grow from a wonderful idea, into the most watched television programme in the UK with almost 30 spin-off shows reaching as far as Australia.

Being the trusted supplier to the UK’s most watched TV show has produced its fair share of challenges. A marquee, after all, is not a film studio, and over the years we have fought against regular site changes, severe flooding, humidity levels, white noise interference with recording equipment, lighting issues, and of course the infamous Bake Off squirrel made famous by the Daily Mail. However more often than not these problems have simple solutions and as the show has grown in popularity, the much-loved tent has grown in sophistication and technological innovation whilst still encompassing the ‘British village fete’ feel and look that Bake Off strives to achieve. To many the Bake Off tent is just a tent. We can assure you that it isn’t.

The Bake Off has also had a far-reaching implication on our business and industry as a whole, adding to the current trend of traditionally styled weddings complete with vintage furniture, bunting and garden games. This is not to say that these styled occasions were not popular in the first place, but Bake Off has certainly encouraged our clientele to move in such a direction, to the point where all aspects of our business have already invested in vintage styled equipment to meet demand. At Academy, we have chosen to expand our stock of innovative and contemporary clear span structures that can be built and dressed to give a traditional look. For Academy, keeping all of our equipment compatible is essential in order to deal with larger builds, and to ensure our staff are experts when it comes to clear span marquees.

Working with the Bake Off has, and will continue to have a positive effect on the growth of the Academy Events Group. It has opened doors for us and allowed all aspects of our event service to grow. In the past six years, we have had a lot of fun and learnt an incredible amount. Most of all we are proud to be a small part of what is a fantastic show. Today we removed the structure for the Junior Bake Off, and next week we will be back on the road for the Comic Relief Bake Off


Good luck to this year’s amateur bakers and we hope you enjoy another year in Britain's best loved Tent!   


We are still open and fully adhering to the Covid-19 protocol. Stay safe.