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Whether you call them Clear Roof MarqueesClear Span marquees or Glass Roof marquees, the fact is they look beautiful. Academy Marquees has them in stock in many different shapes and sizes.

Clear Roof Marquee

Stunning Wedding Clear Roof Marquee

The 'WOW' Factor

If you want to wow your guests with a Marquee they would never have dreamed possible then add some Clear Roof Marquee Sections.   They work especially well if you have a stunning landscape or property that you want to be visible during your event.   A lot of our clients say that they want to feel like they are outside, but with the protection of a roof in case of inclement weather.  The clear roof marquee panels are the perfect solution as  they bring the outside in.   It works especially well to position the clear panels over the dance floor area as it gives great views for your guests. If it’s a clear night your guests will find themselves dancing under a galaxy of stars! 

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Clear Roof Marquee

Do's and Dont's

A few things to remember are to never have clear roof marquee panels over a dining area in summer as it can get very hot if guests are sitting at a meal in the full sun for a few hours.  Also if you have a dark coloured dance floor it will absorb the heat from the sun and this may cause it to buckle.  The solution is simple, just cover the dance floor with some cream carpet until the heat of the day dies down, then uncover it when dusk falls and it’s time to dance. 

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Clear Roof Wedding Marquee

New Technology

To manufacture one of our clear roof marquees, we actually start with a standard white PVC roof. We then weld the clear panels on, the white PVC is then cut out and used for other jobs.  This ensures that the roof is exactly the right size and perfectly square as the clear PVC has no supporting cloth in it. It can warp with temperature variation.  This means all our clear roofs pull nice and tight under tension and have no unsightly wrinkles, giving you an amazing glass roof effect for your event.


Clear Roof Wedding Marquee


To make sure the clear roof marquees stay crystal clear and look brand new every time they are used;  they are cleaned and thoroughly dried after every use. We always carefully rolled and wrapped each roof in carpet when they are stored in our warehouse.

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Custom Covers clear roofs on 15m wedding structure with long trestle tables with mirror dance floor

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